"It's not "love" for music,
It's a passion, and it goes beyond liking and beyond a hobby.
It's about a way of living.
Music is essential for my life"

Timing: 2hr / per session

Cost: Rs. 250

Three categories:

1.Students from Local
2.Students from National
3.Students from International


1.Participants must have entry tickets of DJ
2.One category ticket is not valid after that session
3.Participants should reach destination 10 minutes before show starts
4.Girls and boys will enjoy separately in all session.
5.Drinkers are not allowed in show.
6.Outside eatables are not allowed in the arena.

Event Coordinator:

S. Manaseh Prasanth
Phone No: 8463947701
PJ Naveen
Phone No: 8498030919

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